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To stake our claim in popular culture, we put Optic white into the hands (and mouths) of Australia’s highest profile beauty creators, influencers, and experts. Commissioning vloggers, an Australia’s Next Top Model partnership, and a world first neuro study exploring ‘the science behind a smile’, Optic White rocketed to the #1 brand in Colgate’s portfolio.

A Whiter Smile – the new little black dress

Bloggers have been an important part of the beauty product marketing for years. Aussie women were becoming fatigued and felt that blogger and sponsors weren’t showing them any respect. Partnering with Sara of Harper & Harley, we developed a different take on the program sponsorship, lifting the bonnet on the fashion blogger industry. Schick reignited respect for the fashion blogger and became the #1 selling kit for the summer.

The blogger stripped bare

Australians had a perception that adopted pets were damaged goods. We set out on a mission to break this stigma, partnering with celebrity vet Dr Lisa Chimes to create a 10 part TV series - “Dr Lisa To The Rescue”.

The Forever Home

When it comes to her kids, mum is a one-eyed supporter. To connect emotionally with mum, we would support every junior Aussie sporting team. Individually. 1.2 million different creative message, each expressing personalised messages of support. We grew market share, grew consideration, and positioned Dynamo at the moment when children are at their muddiest.

Mums, mud and a million different messages

Just as life imitates art, our strategy imitated teens. We hit this teen market with a series of low-brow one-liners, in character of Bad Grandpa. Twitter was the perfect channel. It was low cost, immediate and under-utilised creatively by advertisers. We used the young guys in our agency to write the tweets as the character of Bad Grandpa.

Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa
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Our work